*Photos by Mario Winston (Baleout Intern)

I came to club completely EXHAUSTED. But no matter what, i still try to come in and do my best. This week, i can easily say, was the more tiring week that honestly took the most out of me but i still believe that some incredibly beautiful pics came through. A new element that was used was a sheet that was left over from the party last saturday and people seemed to just SPRING to sheet after I experimented with just one shot. there was a mixture of tungstun and flash white balances which is why many of the pictures look quite different. In the end, another incredibly CRAZY night but always worth it. Thank you miss Clair Bays and Mr. Brandon Bales for the energy tablet and redbull. saved my life. enjoy.

Booger Season summer mixdown by Booger Season

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Upcoming Event (OKC)



The Hood Internet - All Of The Lights (Ellie Goulding x Portland Cello Project x Kanye West) by hoodinternet
Freddie Gibbs, Telli (Ninjasonik), Elizabeth Harper (Class Actress) - VCR by hoodinternet

Upcoming Event (Tulsa)

Beginning September 1st 2011!!!!!

We are bringing our crazy OKC party to Tulsa for a weekly takeover!!

Mysto and Pizzi - Where Is Love ft. Jonny Rose (Lucky Date Remix) by Lucky Date

Cerebral Vortex - Fly By Night (Alvin Risk Remix) by sexcult

Here is the lineup for the first few months!!!

Contact (Taken with instagram)

Me and Crizzly (Taken with instagram)

OnLocation of a massive wreck (Taken with Instagram at Oklahoma City, OK)

Sunday night rides. Thanks again to @stephenthughes and @inkordie (Taken with Instagram at Oklahoma City, OK)

Danny boy has purty handwriting. (Taken with Instagram at Oklahoma City, OK)

Actually…. Yes…. Yes I do. (Taken with Instagram at Oklahoma City)

Damn @khanhyeezy… Take up enough space? (Taken with Instagram at Edna’s Restaurant & Club)

Sunday at the blue note (Taken with Instagram at The Blue Note)

Late night cruise. Where to? (Taken with Instagram at Crestwood Neighborhood)

Crazy tattooed masochist (Taken with Instagram at The Drunken Fry)

Steady creepin @joshhowerton (Taken with Instagram at The Drunken Fry)

Creepin @joshhowerton (Taken with Instagram at The Drunken Fry)

I instagram)

Bar tags @loyalchitty (Taken with Instagram at The Drunken Fry)

Bar Art (Taken with Instagram at The Drunken Fry)

Last night (Taken with instagram)

Last night was pretty nuts. (Taken with Instagram at The Office Drinks And Nosh)

Stop Making Sense. (Taken with Instagram at Crestwood Neighborhood)

Taken with Instagram at Jimmy’s Egg

Random dinner choice for outtatowners. (Taken with Instagram at Cimarron Steak House)

back at it…



This was my return to Robotic with my camera under Brandon Bales and Baleout Photography. Honestly.....it was insane. Pretty much only way to describe it all. None the less, it felt awesome to be back and taking pics. I learned quite a bit this time around as well. Still looking and concentrating on composition and balance in each pic as well as trying to work with movement and creative uses for light. Also....have as much fun as possible doing it (i think that's the most important part). Editing took forever but hope everyone enjoys them.


Inside Out Boy - Dirty Throat (Valerna Remix) by Valerna

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