Amazingly, Tulsa won a concert featuring EXCISION!!!! It was nuts. Although I was only able to cover the Phoenix Bros. set, it was still insane. The dance floor was bouncing just as hard for the Phoenix Bros, as it was for Excision! Video coming soon! Here are the photos.

Alice Cooper - Hey Stoopid (The Phoenix Bros. Remix) by The Phoenix Bros.

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It's July......and another Panic! Tulsa has fallen upon us. This month Foxy Brown rocked faces and shook butts.
I love this party. SRSYL guys, I'm sthuper cereal.

Avicii & Sebastien Drums - Feelings For You (Treasure Fingers remix) by treasurefingers

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Squeaky Clean Thirty

For the past nine years, Ali Mazouree has thrown a 21st birthday party for himself.
Every year there are copious amounts of liquid party favors, rhythmic movement of bodies, and bear hugs... yes, bear hugs. This year it was held at The Office Drinks & Nosh, and it was nuts! Dude...there was an ice shot luge. Here are the photos...

Chris Brown - Look at Me Now (AC Slater Remix) by acslater

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Sneerfest 11

Honestly, I have no idea where I come up with half of these names that I make for these posts...haha.
Here's some supah sweet photo from Robotic SEVENSIXTWOTHOUSANDELEVEN

Lady Gaga - The Edge of Glory (Porter Robinson Remix) by Porter Robinson

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Happy birthday 'Merica!
After feeling like hot trash for a few weeks, I was refreshed this week. Also our good friend Orange Rex scored a "car lot sized" American flag, to hang inside. This thing was insanely huge, which in turn created some amazing photos! Gotta love lazers and America hahaha!

Porter Robinson - Say My Name - Original Mix by Porter Robinson

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ARRRggghhhhhh, gotta love dickheads fighting. Robotic was shutdown at 1am by the cops on this night.
Kind of a stressful night. Leave the bullshit at home please.

Aloe Blacc: Green Lights (JACK BEATS REMIX) by Jack Beats

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Sorry Sack…

I think I was feeling like crap or something this week. So here's my weak album from Robotic featuring Havoc

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Insert Missing Post…

Jeez, I didn't think I was this far behind on posting. Either that, or I recently had a massive brain fart.
Anyways, here's the photos from Robotic on June 1st 2011.

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The family comes back to OKC for the Robotic Summer Sizzler 2011.
Ok I just made up that name, but that's pretty much what it was. It's been so
hot lately at 1310 Lounge; even the industrial size fans can't keep all the kids
from trading paint on the dancefloor.
Here are photos from that night featuring Ontron, Lucky Date, and Alex English

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Panic! June 2011 – 06.18.11

Holy shit!
It has been quite the month here at Baleout Media (yes, I'm slowly changing the name over to incorporate the videos and other stuff more.;)
Working on getting all the unposted Robotic photos and other junk updated. Also I'm in the process of like 100 videos, so yeah. It's nuts here.
Here are the photos from last Saturday in Tulsa at PANIC!

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This week at Robotic we had some cats from down under come crush pink cookies. LIGHTYEAR! They took us back with some easier disco house stuff, which was quite a breath of fresh air.

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The Office 05.14.11

Just another Saturday night at The Office with Daniel Rockwell and Mike Patron.

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BIG BOOTY BITCHES!!! This was the first of our new monthly dubstep party called decibel. We had our labelmate Crizzly come kill the crowd with bass. This kid is blowing up! I suggest you check out his toons.

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ANNND here's day 2 of Denver's Big Bang 2 Day Massive. Im really glad I went to this. I made a lot of amazing connections. Will Bailey asked me to make a video for him from this show (so stay tuned for that!) Met Jefr Tale, they booked KATB for Burning Man this year, so I'd like to check that out and do some media work for that, one of these years. This night consisted of Jefr Tale, Calvin Harris, Will Bailey, AL-P (MSTRKRFT) and a ton more. Here are the pics and stay tuned for a couple of videos to come from this huge show!!!!!

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Wow, what a weekend. I ended up driving back to Denver with Kids at the Bar, to play the Big Bang 2 Day Massive at the Denver Coliseum. So after that on Friday, I took them to Lipgloss. I shot there the week before and had a blast. Here are the photos from that night. Night 2 of the Big Bang coming up next!

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Zombies!!! AGAIN!!!

ZOMBIES!!!!! AGAIN!!!!!! We thought we got rid of them last year, but they always come back. This time I think Frankie Avalon had something to do with it, cause everyone was ready for the beach. Some girl even floated a raft across a sea of raging zombie hipsters. It was fucking nuts. Here are the pics!

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Everyone's gotta start somewhere. This, ladies and gentlemen; was the first time I had experienced my beloved Robotic Wednesdays... The early days. This was before Crystal Vision. Before, Kids at the Bar.
I went to the Rapture and Shiny Toy Guns show at the diamond and someone gave me a flyer and said that the Rapture was djing here. I called bullshit, cause I had never heard of anything cool like that happening here in OKC. Well I was wrong. I went to this little bar called the Electro Lounge (which only held 90 people!!) and met the peeps of DRD. John Bourketold me to get up on the speakers and do whatever I wanted..... a monster was created.

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LIPGLOSS 04.29.11

HELLO DENVER! So this is my first trip to the actual mountains. It's pretty nuts up here. Love the view and the nights of getting drunk waaay too easily. The Tulsa PANIC! crew took over Denver's longest running dance party LIPGLOSS and killed it! Thanks to Boyhollow for having us out!
Here are the photos from last night!!

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Robotic Wednesdays 04.27.11

Just another residents only night at Robotic tonight. Although my mail came in today and I finally recieved my new ring flash I've been waiting for. So there are a ton of photos in this gallery with me trying to figure out the best way to put use to this toy; so yeah there are some crappy ones in there.

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The Office – 04.23.11

Happy Birthday to me! I went and shot photos at The Office last night and just kept it kinda chill.
I'm off to a sunday sermon drag show brunch to drink and eat and drink.
Here are the photos from last night.

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Happy holidaaaaze everyone! After trimming up my handle bar mustache, getting a new license (with a successful single raised eyebrow) and a few vaporizers.......Robotic begins once again! This week we had a crazy dj sets by French Horn Rebellion, Skylar Mendoza, and Just One Duran. Just like always, our loyal robots twitch and jerk with the best of em. I spent too much time just people watching tonight, that I only had 2 beers! I know, nuts right? Here are the pics!!!

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PANIC! 4.16.11

Here are the photos from April's PANIC! with Danger Granger.

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Hertz Donut

Insert witty awesome post about last night here. I drank a lot. I hurt. Off to Cafe Antigua, I need coffee.

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and BOOM! goes the dynamite

BOOM! featuring DJ Kylie and Crystal Vision happens every second Saturday of each month in Tulsa at Electric Circus.

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