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FEI FEI + Whip Van Wrinkle + Metaphase + Subset



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Brown&Gammon + Alex English + Subset



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We’ll Make You Sweat.


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Back from the dead!


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Of course…’s another party!


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ALLLL THE WAY FROM COSTAAAA RIIIICAAAAAAA..... in a Michael Buffer voice....
JUEEEEPUUUUTAAAAASSSSAAAAALLLLL!!!! This d00d is THE JAM. He was so good, that we immediately brought him back to play at Evil Jive 17!!!!!

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Okay..Okay... it has been MONTHS since I've updated but THIS TIME I have a good reason! I started a full time as an editor at a local news station. So now I gotta throw that mess into the game.... anyways here's me playing catchup.... AGAIN! These are the pics from the Robotic Wednesday Toga party back in September.

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Blow My Roll


VOLUME 3! Robotic Tulsa gives me brain boners; when I think about things to come. It keeps getting bigger! This totally blew my expectations out of the water. Our good ol' buddy ol' pal, Michael Patrick of Designer Drugs flew in and gave brain boners to everyone at IDL Ballroom. This was also the first time I brought the photo booth to Tulsa. Kids didn't really get it at first; so I told them to go get retarded and come back...then you'll understand. Haha and that actually worked. I ended up being pretty busy all night in the booth. I also went through and ENTIRE roll of photo paper, which usually lasts a month plus. Nuts I tell ya. Nuts.

Oh, and I feel I need to reiterate that the new Porter Robinson ep came out the other day. I suggest you go buy that whole thing on beatport. SUPER SUPER CEREAL.
here's a taste... it's quite sexy! :)

Porter Robinson - 100% In The Bitch by Porter Robinson
Spitfire by Porter Robinson

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See Jay Play


WOW! Ok so I haven't done a photo booth in a year or something; so we decided to finally bring it back from hiatus. BLAMMO! Kids had no idea what was going on, but were immediately in love. I think this night kept me completely busy doing booth pics. SEEJAY from stillwater's Electric Beatdown was our special guest. ENJOI!

Oh, and also the new Porter Robinson ep came out the other day and boy, it's a doozy. I suggest you go buy that whole thing on beatport. IM SUPER CEREAL GUYSSS.
here's a taste :)

Porter Robinson - Spitfire (Kill The Noise Remix) by Porter Robinson
Spitfire by Porter Robinson

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FAM Come Home


Round 2 of Robotic Thursdays.... This week we have some of bestest buds Lucky Date and Digiraatii come to their home away from home and piss synths and doodoo some bass all over Tulsa's face.
Here's some creepin music for you; from Lucky Date and Digiraatii :)

Midnight Conspiracy - Discord (DIGIRAATII Remix) (Soundcloud Preview) by DIGIRAATII
Who's Lucky Vol. 3 by Lucky Date

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Ok....Let's just say.... someone called me "radioactive" this night at Robotic. This why there are only 37 something photos in this album. We had Dani Deahl and Jonathan Ackerman come by and do some dirty work for us.
This was the night that I was assaulted by the Oklahoma City ninja; and I didn't even see it happen.

Kids At The Bar + DIGIRAATII - Soy Sauce (Preview) **OUT NOW** by Kids At The Bar

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I feel like we graduated or something. After 5 years of melting Oklahoma City's face; we brought our party to Tulsa for round 2...EVERY THURSDAY!!! So now we are playing the duality card! I'm a level 16 M. Night Shyamalan.
What are you?
To kick off the first of many; we brought DROP THE LIME for another round of 50's revival face melting bass. I love that guy.

Drop The Lime - Sex Sax by Drop The Lime
Bart B More & Drop The Lime - The Bass (Original Mix) by SecureRecordings

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Holy mother of butt scratchers! Robotic is 5 years old! That is nuts in my book.
We have been around as long as Trouble and Bass... and to celebrate; we brought a founding member of T&B
DROP THE LIME!!!! Bringing his bass filled 50's revival from Brooklyn NY, Luca Venezia took some youngins back to the age of poodle skirts and fast cars.

Drop The Lime - Hear Me by Drop The Lime
Drop The Lime - Hot As Hell - (Club Mix) by Drop The Lime
Drop The Lime - Set Me Free (Harvard Bass remix) by onelovemusic

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The Office Birthday


It's the one year anniversary of The Office Drinks & Nosh in OKC! Good ol' DJ Darku J came down from Bartlesville (of all places haha; sorry Dar-blew J:P) to assist Daniel Rockwell and Mike Patron in making booties bounce. This older crowd is getting crazier and crazier. I'm liking it!

Fifty What (Dem Slackers Remix) by M.Collins
Angry Production (Original Mix) by KroyClub

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Another sweaty mess at Robotic this week!

I've been feelin some older tracks's a couple to take us back.
Caked Up (Hot Pink Delorean Remix) by hot pink delorean
Krack (Nite Version) by soulwax
Mystery Jets - Half In Love With Elizabeth (Foamo Remix) by Foamo