Blow My Roll


VOLUME 3! Robotic Tulsa gives me brain boners; when I think about things to come. It keeps getting bigger! This totally blew my expectations out of the water. Our good ol' buddy ol' pal, Michael Patrick of Designer Drugs flew in and gave brain boners to everyone at IDL Ballroom. This was also the first time I brought the photo booth to Tulsa. Kids didn't really get it at first; so I told them to go get retarded and come back...then you'll understand. Haha and that actually worked. I ended up being pretty busy all night in the booth. I also went through and ENTIRE roll of photo paper, which usually lasts a month plus. Nuts I tell ya. Nuts.

Oh, and I feel I need to reiterate that the new Porter Robinson ep came out the other day. I suggest you go buy that whole thing on beatport. SUPER SUPER CEREAL.
here's a taste... it's quite sexy! 🙂

Porter Robinson - 100% In The Bitch by Porter Robinson
Spitfire by Porter Robinson

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