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04.13.11 *post date
Once again, that time of year rolls around. Birds chirp, bee's buzz, and kids party! SXSW takes place in early March and LOSE CONTROL is the biggest and craziest party of them all!
Sooo many artists play at this shindig, that the official SXSW doesn't want us to have it.

Artists include: Le Castle Vania, Street Lurkin, Crystal Vision, Kids at the Bar, Trash Yourself, Boyhollow, OK Deejays, Snowden, Hottub, Beardy Man, Gemini Club, London Calling DJs, Digiraatii, Chuckie, Dirty Vegas, Paparazzi, Midnight Conspiracy, Computer Club, Eli Smith, Jen Lasher, Jeremy Dawson, Johan, Goon, Brad Hoods, Grrl Parts, Lucky Date, and many more!


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